The Alternative Agenda: Cancun Talks Plod Onward, Chinese Solar on a Hot Streak

by mpabst - December 6, 2010

It's a shame that climate negotiators can't at least enjoy the beaches

Cancun talks, week 2: The Apocalypse

Commentators are so pessimistic about the odds of success at the United Nations� Cancun climate change talks that they�ve been talking about failure in Mexico since Copenhagen failed. Now the Cancun talks have actually begun� it�s an apocalypse! for a two-year deadline for industrialized nations to sign on for emissions cuts after Kyoto expires in 2012. But the old industrialized versus developing nation rivalries have resurfaced (really, they never went away).

Meanwhile, Harvard�s Robert Stavins for what success might look like in Cancun.

Chinese solar companies continue to go gangbusters.

Suntech Power Holdings will top as the company forecasts that shipments will jump by 50 percent. Low-priced photovoltaic panels have dominated the market recently, while more innovative, but costly, technologies are suffering.�Suntech expects its American Depositary Shares to bring in earnings of $1.40 to $1.60 next year, far above the 88 cent analyst consensus.

Natcore Technology announces strategic alliances

Before you make solar cells you must make the plant that makes solar cells. To that end, with Jacob White Construction, Spire Corporation and Helium Resources to build and staff silicon solar cell manufacturing and assembly plants. Natcore�s advantage is its liquid phase deposition (LPD) technology, which doesn�t require the high-temperature vacuum furnace needed by the chemical vapor deposition technology.

Photo: Courtesy via�Wikimedia Commons

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