Long-Term Lending for Long-Term Benefits

Long-term loans with bad credit tolerance offer an exclusive experience for people seeking for rapid money relief lasting longer. Unlike similar loan offers issued by banks, long-term loans for bad credit customers differ in deadline period, interest percentage and fees.

4 Great facts that make long-term loans useful

When a person has a poor credit history, there is no way banks will agree to issue him or her a loan for relatively substantial term. This is the case when long-dated credits come into play. Here are the reasons why those became popular among people seeking for extra cash for an extended period.

Bad credit loans:

  • require a small package of documents with no guarantor and no credit check;
  • reward a borrower with up to $2000 (some go for 20K, depends on the state);
  • give you the term of 2 years in order to return the borrowed sum (depends on state regulations);
  • can be repaid in regular installment lumps scheduled beforehand;
  • can be requested and automatically proceeded online.

Apply for long-term loans

Applying for a long-term loan does not differ from other borrowing procedures you might or might not had a chance to experience beforehand.

A borrower can receive the requested money via direct funding on his or her bank account and use them the way he or she wants in just a few steps.

  • Step 1. Choose the most suitable offer relying on current circumstances and your previous experience (if you have any);
  • Step 2. Make sure you have the requested documents available;
  • Step 3. Either contact in person by reaching the nearest point available or complete an online application form. Both options have their pros and cons.
  • Step 4. Fill out the requested information and forward the application for approval;
  • Step 5. Receive a confirmation letter in a few minutes;
  • Step 6. Confirm your interest in a loan and receive the money.

The secret of direct lenders

Probably, you already know the difference between brokers and direct lenders. As for direct lending service, it is characterized by verification and approval proceeded by the lender. No middleman, no third party representatives are needed for this form of lending. It results in a direct business deal between a lender and a borrower. Direct lending supposes that:

  • a borrower can be confident in the lender to the extent of borrower’s researching scopes;
  • a borrower can easily track personal information flow in case it’s transferred somewhere or to someone;
  • a borrower saves on extra fees paid to the middleman because there are none;
  • a borrower is free to contact direct lender for support 24/7 with no additional parties involved.

Requirements for bad credit loans

When applying for long-term loans, one should meet some basic and more than reasonable requirements:


A borrower must have a valid ID document to confirm the identity;


A borrower must be employed for no less than 3 months. It proves borrower’s ability to return the money back relying on the steady income;

Location and age

A borrower must be a legal citizen of the USA and turn at least 18 years old when signing up for a loan.

Long-term loans require a borrower to be attentive to the conditions of the loaning agreement. As far as the sums for borrowing, they can reach $2000 (some go for 20K, depends on the state) and be issued for as long as 2 years (depends on state regulations). Good knowledge of every term secures a person from getting into a debt or other unfavorable or undesirable results.

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