Instant Cash Advance Solves Your Problem in No Time

Instant cash advance allows a borrower to receive money fast. Easy applying procedure and fast response from the loaning service make this option very popular among people who find themselves in the situation when getting money fast is essential for their everyday needs.

Requirements for instant cash advance

When singing up for a loan, a borrower has to meet some simple but logical requirements. In the terms of complexity, they are very modest. Almost 90% of all potential borrowers meet them even before the application. In case a borrower does want to get the money fast, here’s what he or she has to do:

  • confirm identity using either legal state issued ID card or driver’s license (both will work well);
  • provide legal Social Security number (SSN);
  • confirm that a borrower is a legal citizen of the USA;
  • confirm that a borrower is no less than 18 years old.

Applying for an instant cash advance

There are a couple of ways a potential borrower can use to apply for a cash advance:

  • a borrower can drive to the nearest loaning establishment and apply in person;
  • a borrower can dial a number and apply for cash advance via phone (mobile or landline);
  • a borrower can use the Internet to apply online.

By all means, a borrower should choose one that suits him or her. Nevertheless, in the terms of quick response and comfort, applying for a cash advance online is the best way to get it instantly.

Applying for a cash advance online

In order to send your application for instant cash advance, these are some basic steps one should follow:

  1. Step 1. Research the loaning establishment for good client feedback history;
  2. Step 2. Read the requirements and make sure you meet them all;
  3. Step 3. Choose “apply now” and complete a simple application;
  4. Step 4. Wait for an approval that will take just a few minutes;
  5. Step 5. Check the balance on your bank account you entered during the application;
  6. Step 6. Enjoy your spending.

Additional Information

As far as cash advance is said to be a rapid solution for money issues, it won’t allow a borrower to request a sum bigger than $1000. Instant loans require no credit check, but in rare cases some additional information about your personality might be requested:

  • lender has to be sure that your checking account has been valid for 2 months at least ;
  • lender has to be sure that you will be able to pay the borrowed sum back. That is why it is necessary to confirm your employment and prove you have no less than 6 months of working experience at the same place;
  • lender has to be sure that you receive salary on a monthly basis, so any income activity should solve the problem.

Cash advance with no fee charges

In order to make potential borrowers interested in further cooperation, lender may offer an advance with no extra fees for the first deal. In other words, when applying for a sum no higher than $200, a borrower will have to pay the interest only. In the terms of real numbers, one can save $15 dollars on $100 or up to $30 on $200.

Time regulations

A borrower is allowed to request a small-dollar loan for no more than 31 days. If the deadline is missed, additional fees and interest may be applied.

This problem can be solved by reapplying for a cash advance but usually it brings more harm to the borrower by forcing him or her to pay extremely high fees. In order not to let this happen, the best way is to plan the expenses properly and return the money before the due day passes.

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