Robert Kennedy Jr. joins cleantech venture fund

Robert Kennedy Jr.
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Robert F. Kennedy has joined venture capital fund VantagePoint Venture Partners as partner to focus on the cleantech sector.

Kennedy will serve on the board of two portfolio companies: Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, a wastewater remediation company, and Premium Power, which makes energy storage devices.

California-based VantagePoint  has invested more than $4.5 billion in solar power and clean energy technology.

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  • Hiromi

    Good post Matthew. It does beg the question of how many Seed/A deals shloud get financed. I suspect that the long-term returns from the gold-rush years will leave much to be desired. It would be interesting to compare these ratios to historical figures for tech financing at large to see if one could draw some conclusions about what constitutes a healthy market. (Got some extrat time? I’m also wondering if some of the unusual current characteristics of the cleantech market could have a distorting effect on the ratios. For example, could it be argued that certain sectors (solar, wind) have reached a scalability tipping point and companies in the respective spaces require and justify vastly larger amounts of capital in later rounds? Another potential factor that may differentiate it from other spaces is the capital intensity required to displace existing infrastructure. A lot of project finance there, but perhaps secondary effects. Thanks.