Comparing the Lists: WSJ’s Top 10 Cleantech Companies v. Greentech Media’s Top 50

Just to be clear, GER is not on this list. Neat badge though!

Ever since the untimely and inexplicable demise of’s Environmental Capital, the Journal has only been dipping the occasional timid toe into the cleantech waters.

Now that names Solyndra, Inc., the top cleantech company, followed by Suniva and eSolar. The (no doubt highly scientific) criteria NewsCorp.-owned VentureSource used to determine the rankings are hidden from view. How does this list stack up against Greentech Media’s (no doubt highly scientific) top 50VC-Funded Greentech Startups list?

Not that well.

The information on the listed companies is limited to the headquarters, description, founder and investors and there is no additional information on what makes these companies great.

The story itself touches briefly on the companies, but all of the good information here –about the 350 companies that researchers sifted to find the gems – seems to be on the back end.

Our best guess is that the article and top ten list is a brochure of sorts that people can glance at to decide if they want to pay for the VentureSource content.

Greentech Media breaks their list into major categories such as Solar, Smart Grid, Biofuels and Biochemicals, Green Buildings, Batteries, Transportation, Other Energy, Green IT and Water.

There’s no rankings, just descriptions of what makes the companies winners. Pretty insidery, but thorough.

Also, Greentech Media offers code so winners can display a “Top 50 Greentech Startups” badge on its Web site.


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