The Alternative Agenda: First Wind Goes Public; Gates Tells California to Vote “No” on Prop 23; DOE Eying Fee to Kickstart Power Line Development

by Terrence Murray - October 25, 2010

First Wind IPO

This week Boston-based wind developer First Wind Generation is expected to price shares (IPO). The IPO has a price range of $24.00 -to- $26.00.� Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are underwriting the share-sale, which could raise as much as $300 million. First Wind operates seven U.S.-based wind farms, generating 504 megawatts in combined output.�

Bill Gates Enters California’s Prop. 23 Debate

Clean energy investors and environmentalists have spent up to $11.9 million over the past two weeks to counter the flood of cash (about $30 million at last count) from carbon-dependent industries, supporting� Proposition 23, which if passed would suspend state mandates restricting greenhouse-gas emissions. No on 23 camp has gotten funding Microsoft founder Bill Gates and� Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Film director James Cameron also donated to the campaign. If passed, the measure would� “undermine the nation�s largest solar market and threaten $9 billion in venture capital investments,” .

Fee for Transmission

On Friday energy Secretary Steven Chu said he was considering implementing fees linking wind and solar farms to large power markets.� Chu’s comments came a few days after Google said it would partner with Swiss private equity fund Good Energies and Japanese industrial group Marubeni to support initial development works for an offshore � 350 miles (562 kilometers) grid system.

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