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Technology solutions for wind power generated electricity

Typical view of a HAWT based wind power plant Wind power basics: How do you calculate the Energy stored in the wind?: Wind kinetic Energy is KEw = AirMass*WindSpeed^2/2 AirMass is defined by the AirVolume that flows through the wind turbine * AirDensity …

Solar Thermal generated electricity – Future dominating technology?

Solar Thermal Technologies What dominating technology will play the largest part in the solution of providing clean energy in the future? Well the answer is that it stands between a handful of technologies where large scale or utility scale solar thermal generated electricity …

As Expected First Solar Cuts Earnings

First Solar, the U.S. developer of thinfilm photovoltaic panels, has reduced its earnings estimate for this year and next year and has announced plans to cut  100 jobs.

NRG Suspends Offshore Development

NRG Energy, blaming  a lack of federal subsidies and regulatory uncertainty, has stopped development work supporting its offshore wind projects, including a 200-megawatt initiative in Delaware.

Solazyme Venture Signs Landmark Supply Deal With Pentagon

A joint venture between Tyson Foods and a unit of Solazyme, the Bay Area maker of algae-based biofuel, have secured a contract to sell the U.S. Navy up to 450,000 gallons of next-generation drop-in biofuels.

Energy PE Firm First Reserve Forms $1B Wind Venture

Energy private equity firm First Reserve has teamed up with Spanish developer  Renovalia Energy to invest up to $1 billion on European and North American wind power projects.

Rentech Axes Saint Joe Biomass Project

Rentech, the biomass and biofuel developer, has scraped plans to develop a  fully-permitted biomass power project in Florida.

Details Emerge On Fulcrum Bioenergy’s Series C

Waste Management and returning backers have invested more than $100 million in Fulcrum Bioenergy’s recently concluded Series C, according to regulatory fillings. Besides Waste Management Fulcrum, which has developed a technology able to convert large amounts of waste into Biofuels, secured returning investments …

Veolia Unit Acquires 50 MW California Solar PV Project

A U.S renewable energy project developer backed by Veolia Environment, the French industrial group, has acquired a 50 megawatt solar photovoltaic project in California.

Solar Thinfilm Emerges From Stealth by Bringing in $15M

Reel Solar, a developer of  thinfilm solar technology, has raised $15 million in venture financing from a group of veteran cleantech venture funds, including Pangaea  Ventures.