31 August '10
1:29 PM UTC
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How China Beat the U.S. and Became the New Green Tech Giant

By Elizabeth M. Lynch, founder of

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Solar panel installers in China

China no longer needs to worry about the U.S. as a serious green technology competitor because the U.S. just left the race. After a year-long impasse, Senate majority leader  on July 22, 2010 that the Democrats would not be able to secure enough votes to pass the  and, thus, would abandon any further efforts to do so.

But, in today’s globalized economy, rising powers like China are willing and readily able to capitalize on America’s missed opportunities. The climate change bill would have provided a coherent U.S. energy policy, directed investment to green technology and created much-needed American jobs. Read More »

25 August '10
9:15 AM UTC
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French Solar Market to Remain Strong Despite Subsidy Cuts

News came out yesterday that France’s finance ministry would cut key solar feed-in tariff subsidies (FiT) cut for all commercial solar installations from September 1st, 2010. Read More »

23 August '10
2:02 PM UTC
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Supreme Court Patent Ruling is Good News For Cleantech Business Models

By , partner and , associate, at in New York.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in is good news for clean energy innovators. The Bilski ruling ensures that the door to patenting business method inventions remains open, ending months of speculation that the Court might find such inventions categorically unpatentable. It helps ensure that our patent protection system stays robust, and this will spur innovation and attract the investment capital needed for research, development, and commercialization of clean energy technologies. Read More »

18 August '10
10:48 AM UTC
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Kerry Introduces “Alternative” Energy Bill

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) has formerly released the Clean Energy Technology Leadership Act of 2010 for Senate debate. The bill is introduced just weeks after the much more comprehensive Kerry – Lieberman bill was killed. Unlike this latest piece of legislation, Kerry-Lieberman had a cap-and-trade provision. Read More »

9 August '10
9:54 AM UTC
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The Alternative Agenda: BP plugs the well, China to announce $739B energy plan, Acciona invests

Could this be the last BP Gulf Spill Update?

It seems unlikely, but you never know. In any case, BP officials said is holding and the relief wells should intercept the well by Friday at the earliest.

The cost of the operation is now $6.1 million, not including the $30 billion in claims that must be paid out.  on the FTSE but its not clear how much they further they will recover in the near term. Read More »

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