14 September '10
7:45 AM UTC
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Japan Takes On Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Let the trade jousts begin! On Monday Japan filed a complaint with the Geneva-based World Trade Organization (WTO) against Canada, arguing that Ontario’s very popular Green Energy Act, and in particular, its Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) unfairly favors local firms. Read More »

9 September '10
10:15 AM UTC
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Establishing A North American Clean Energy Beachhead

By , partner and , associate, at in New York and ,  a partner and cleantech practice coordinator at in Toronto.

The catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico underscores the urgency of reducing our energy dependence on burning fossil fuels and slowing the atmospheric buildup of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

While U.S. politicians are still deadlocked in debating whether and how to confront this challenge, our neighbors to the north in Ontario, Canada, have already passed comprehensive legislation aimed at transforming how energy is generated, transmitted and used. Read More »

8 September '10
7:09 AM UTC
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China Edges Over U.S. in Renewable Energy Race

A recent puts China ahead of the  U.S. as the most attractive country to invest and develop renewable energy projects. Read More »

2 September '10
9:17 AM UTC
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Calif. AB 2514 to Boost Investments in Energy Storage, Solar, Wind

California, a trailblazer for everything green, is on its way to become the first state to require state utilities to store a portion of the electricity they generate. Read More »

1 September '10
12:41 PM UTC
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Reid Sees Window of Opportunity For Energy Bill After Mid-Terms

Sen. Reid believes he can get energy reform done after the fall elections.

Is Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) an avid poll watcher? Of course! The Majority Leader, like many in his party, knows they’re likely to experience some steep losses in the upcoming midterms. The worst- case scenario: their majorities, gained just four years ago, both in the House and Senate.

But Reid is undeterred by the numbers. Yesterday, he told reporters that he was confident he could win one more major policy victory by passing some sort of energy bill through the Senate during the lame duck session after the election. Damn the consequences! Read More »

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