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Cornerstone Conversation: Erich Becker, Partner, Zouk Capital

Doctor Erich Becker is a partner at Zouk Capital, a London-based clean energy private equity and venture capital fund. Becker co-leads Zouk’s infrastructure investments with Colin Campbell. Becker joined the firm last September from Macquarie Bank where he was a senior managing director in […]

Cornerstone Conversation: Gary D. Vollen, Robert W. Baird & Co.

Gary D. Vollen is a managing director and head of Robert W. Baird’s clean technology investment banking group in San Francisco. A veteran “green” banker, Vollen began working with cleantech companies in the late ’90s, when smartgrid technology was still a few years […]

Cornerstone Conversation: Bernie Sheahan, Director, International Finance Corporation

Cornerstone Conversation: Bernie Sheahan, Director for Latin America Infrastructure Investment, International Finance Corporation (IFC). Green Energy Reporter: Are renewables an important part of the IFC’s financing activity? Bernie Sheahan: Renewable energy is a good business for the IFC, generating return on capital of […]

Cornerstone Conversation: Richard T. Brandt, Marathon Capital

Richard “Ted” Brandt co-founded energy-focused investment bank Marathon Capital more than 10 years ago, initially to advise middle-market power and energy companies and eventually solar, wind and other renewable energy companies. After years of sustained growth, partly supported by stimulus funds, Brandt is […]

Cornerstone Conversation: Pearl Ing, Ontario Energy Ministry

Pearl Ing, the director of the Renewable Energy Facilitation Office for Ontario?s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, helped author the province’s famed Green Energy Act. Ing has detailed, inside knowledge of the legislation, which has attracted billions of dollars in new? green investments.? […]

Cornerstone Conversation: Edward Guinness, Guinness Atkinson’s Alternative Energy Fund

Edward Guinness, portfolio manager with the Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund While many cleantech investors these days are seeking venture-type investments, London-based Edward Guinness of Guinness Atkinson Funds prefers to back profitable renewable energy companies with established track records (yes, those do exist.) […]

Comparing the Lists: WSJ’s Top 10 Cleantech Companies v. Greentech Media’s Top 50

Just to be clear, GER is not on this list. Neat badge though! Ever since the untimely and inexplicable demise of’s Environmental Capital, the Journal has only been dipping the occasional timid toe into the cleantech waters. Now they’re back with a […]

Confidence in Green Energy Growing Faster Than the Dow

The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged above the 10,000 mark yesterday as market confidence that an economic recovery is underway reached a new high. Of course, green energy companies have been feeling bullish for a while now, spurred on by $3 billion in […]

Shocker: T. Boone Pickens Is Acting In His Own Interest

Bloomberg has a2,800-word profile on the irrepresible T. Boone Pickens this morning that includes the unsurprising analysis that the Texas-oilman turned green-energy guru is acting partially out of self interest. He has a 33 percent interest in Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NAS:CLNE), which […]