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PV TF CdTe Photovoltaic Thin Film Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells
- first and only thin film photovoltaic technology to surpass crystalline silicon PV in price/performace for large systems.
- Record efficiency 16,5%
PV TF CIGS Photovoltaic Thin Film Cadmium Indium Gallium Selenide Solar Cells
- CIGS high potential is its fairly high efficiency (Highest among thin film) and potentially very low cost.
- Record efficiency 19,5%
PV TF CIS Photovoltaic Thin Film Cadmium Indium Selenide Solar Cells
- Potentially lower price/performance than CIGS
- Record efficiency 15,0%
PV TF AmSi Photovoltaic Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells
- The first thin film technology that can be deposited on any surfaces which gives the potential.
- Record efficiency 10,0%
PV CrSi Photovoltaic Crystallie Silicon Solar Cells
- The “Classic” solar cell that comes in many shapes now
- Record Efficiency 43%
CPV Concentrated Photovoltaics
- Summary for all technologies that concentrates sunlight to reduce the area of the solar cell to optimize cost
CSP Concentrated Solar Power
- Summary for all technologies that concentrates sunlight to heat a medium
Solar Power Tower Lots of mirrors (heliostats) reflects the sunlight onto a tall tower that heats a working fluid that creates steam for a turbine on the ground.
Parabolic Trough A concave mirror concentrates the sunlight to heat a working fluid in a central tube.
- So far the dominating technology for Solar thermal electricity production
- Effiency around 15%
Fresnell reflectors A series of mirrors focuses the sunligt onto tubes to heat a working fluid
- Potentially more efficient that parabolic trough
Parabolic Dish A parabolic dish concentrates the sunlight to a central tube with working fluid
- Highest efficiency of the fluid heating technologies
- Record Efficiency 25%
Sterling dish A parabolic dish concentrates the sunlight to a central sterling engine to produce electricity
- Highest efficiency of all solar thermal technologies
- Record Efficiency 31,25%
Solar Updraft Tower A Solar Tower power plant- sometimes referred to as a “Solar Chimney” or “Solar Updraft Tower” is a Solar Thermal Power Plant that combines the use of a solar air collector (canopy) and a central updraft tube to generate a solar induced convective flow which drives pressure staged turbines to generate electricity.

World update of large scale solar power

Technology type Company
Concentrated PV
Concentrated PV - SolFocusConcentrated PV – SolFocus

SolFocus’ leading CPV technology combines high-efficiency solar cells with advanced concentrating optics to provide high energy yield using just 1/1000th the amount of solar cell material used in traditional photovoltaic systems. SolFocus systems utilize a reflective design which includes a primary mirror to capture sunlight, along with a secondary mirror and non-imaging optical system to concentrate sunlight 650 times onto high-efficiency III-V solar cells.
Concentrated PV
Concentrated PV - Whitfield SolarConcentrated PV – Whitfield Solar

A single moulded lens concentrates the sun onto each cell and Whitfield’s innovative optimised cooling system enables these cells to run cooler than conventional PV panels. The power troughs are part of Whitfield’s ‘Platform’ design approach and are compatible with a range of alternative cell technologies as they become commercially viable.Whitfield Solar
Concentrated PV
Concentrated PV - AmonixConcentrated PV – Amonix

In the Amonix system, economical but effective acrylic Fresnel lenses collect sunlight, concentrating it up to 500 times its usual intensity onto highly advanced photovoltaic solar cells, which are very small and highly-efficient.
Concentrated PV
Concentrated PV – Circadian Solar

Circadian Solar CPV systems harness the power of the sun further by incorporating a fresnel lens to concentrate sunlight onto the photovoltaic material and a high-precision solar tracker unit to follow the path of the sun. As a result, CPV systems produce more watts per solar panel and maximise energy production per hectare of occupied ground.
Concentrated PV
Concentrated PV – Concentrix Solar

At Concentrix Solar?s FLATCON® power plants, special III-V based triple-junction solar cells (GaInP/GaInAs/Ge) are used. Here three different types of solar cells are stacked on top of one another. Each cell type is sensitized to convert a certain spectral region of the solar radiation: short wave, medium wave and the infrared range.The energy yield of these high efficiency cells is enormous. Efficiencies of 38% have been achieved. This is almost double the efficiency of conventional solar cells.
Concentrated PV
Concentrated PV – Solar Systems

The CS500 has 112 curved reflecting mirrors mounted on a steel frame, which tracks the sun throughout the day. The combination of mirror profile, mounting framework and solar receiver are carefully designed to deliver concentrated sunlight energy to each PV module. The tracking mechanism maximises the amount of electricity produced.
CSP Fresnell Reflectors
CSP Fresnell reflectors - AREVACSP Fresnell reflectors – AREVA

AREVA’s core technology, the Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR), uses modular flat reflectors to focus the sun’s heat onto elevated receivers, which consist of a system of tubes through which water flows.The concentrated sunlight boils the water in the tubes, generating high-pressure superheated steam for direct use in power generation and industrial steam applications without the need for costly heat exchangers.
CSP Parabolic Trough
Parabolic Trough - Solar MillenniumParabolic Trough – Solar Millennium

Solar Millennium is specialised in parabolic trough power plants, a proven and future-oriented technology, in which the Group holds a globally leading position. Besides the three Andasol projects in Spain, a parabolic trough power plant is being commissioned in Egypt. Various further projects with an overall capacity of more than 2,000 Megawatts worldwide are in the planning phase with focus on Spain, USA, China and North-Africa. In the future, solar thermal power plants in the south will contribute to Central Europe`s electricity supply.
CSP Parabolic Trough
Parabolic Trough - Solar trust of AmericaParabolic Trough – Solar trust of America

Solar Trust of America and its business partners concentrate primarily on parabolic trough power plant technology. This technology is already in commercial use and has been operating successfully in California’s Mojave Desert since 1985, feeding “peak load” electricity to the California power grid during high demand periods.
CSP Parabolic Trough
Parabolic Trough Micro - Sopogy micro CSPParabolic Trough Micro – Sopogy micro CSP

Thermal energy received by using concentrated MicroCSP™ generates high temperature working fluid to drive either an organic Rankine cycle power block, that includes a turbine and generator, or other thermally driven engines.
CSP Parabolic Trough
Parabolic Trough - Siemens EnergyParabolic Trough – Siemens Energy

Siemens is focusing on the two established technologies for the utilization of solar energy:-State of the art turnkey solutions for large-scale photovoltaic (PV) plants
- Tailor made products and solutions for concentrating solar power (CSP) plants, including solar fields, power blocks, and critical solar power plant components
CSP Parabolic Trough
Parabolic Trough - AccionaParabolic Trough – Acciona

ACCIONA has proprietary technology in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of CSP plants, the most consolidated renewable energy in the market. The technical team at Nevada Solar One – part of ACCIONA Solar Power – took an active part in the facilities previously installed in California and has a track record of experience in the field.
In CSP plants, the solar field is equipped with parabolic cylinder troughs that concentrate the sun’s rays onto collectors (mirrors) located on the focal line, through which a fluid circulates and heats up to high temperatures. This fluid is then used to produce steam, which drives a conventional turbine connected to a generator to produce electricity.
CSP Solar Power Tower
CSP Solar Power Tower - Brightsource EnergyCSP Solar Power Tower – Brightsource Energy

BrightSource Energy’s proprietary LPT 550 energy system is based on proven power tower technology. The system uses thousands of small mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a boiler atop a tower to produce high temperature steam. The steam is then piped to a conventional turbine, which generates electricity. In order to conserve precious desert water, the steam is air-cooled and piped back into the system in a closed-loop, environmentally friendly process. This fully integrated energy system is designed to offer the highest operating efficiencies and lowest capital costs in the industry. The result is a large-scale solar system that delivers clean, reliable energy at a cost competitive with fossil fuels.
CSP Solar Power Tower
CSP Solar Power Tower - eSolarCSP Solar Power Tower – eSolar

eSolar designs and develops Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) projects that start at 46MW and are scalable to any size.
eSolar power plant technology utilizes small, flat mirrors which track the sun with high precision and reflect the sun’s heat to a tower-mounted receiver, which boils water to create steam. This steam powers a traditional turbine and generator to produce solar electricity.
CSP Sterling Dish
Sterling dish - Tessera SolarSterling dish – Tessera Solar

The SunCatcher™ is a proprietary solar-to-grid-quality electricity generation technology. It is a 25-kilowatt-electric (kWe) solar dish Stirling system that is designed to automatically track the sun so as to collect and focus solar energy on to a power conversion unit (PCU), which generates electricity. The system consists of a solar concentrator in a dish structure that supports an array of curved glass mirror facets. These mirrors collect and concentrate solar energy into grid-quality electricity.
CSP Sterling Dish
Stirling dish - Sterling energy systemsStirling dish – Sterling energy systems

Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. (SES) is a solar power equipment company with a Dish-Engine concentrating solar power (CSP) technology specifically designed for the utility scale solar power market. Its mission is to build the most affordable, modular and scalable solar solution in the industry.
Designed and developed by SES, the SunCatcher™ CSP technology is a 25-kilowatt-electric (kWe) system generating clean solar energy. The SES SunCatcher achieved commercial deployment at the 1.5 MW Maricopa Solar Plant in Arizona in early 2010.
Photovoltaics – Neo Solar Power Corp

Neo Solar Power stands at the forefront of technology developments and continuously works to achieve the breakthrough success. Multicrystalline silicon SUPERCELL leads the industry with 16.8 % conversion efficiency of multicrystalline silicon cells in mass production.
Photovoltaics – Suntech Solar

Suntech offers reliable silicon solar products, including thin film, polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules, that allow customers design and application flexibility. High-performance features and superior reliability make Suntech products the best choice for your solar power system.
Photovoltaics - Trina SolarPhotovoltaics – Trina Solar

Trina Solar Limited (TSL) is an internationally recognized manufacturer of mono and multicrystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules and has a long history as a solar PV pioneer since it was founded in 1997 as a system installation company in China. Our high-quality PV modules provide clean and reliable solar electric power to on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale applications around the world. With local sales and marketing offices as well as installation partners throughout Asia, Europe and North-America, Trina Solar is committed to improving the competitiveness and efficiency of solar energy and developing a sustainable PV industry.
Photovoltaics - Yingli SolarPhotovoltaics – Yingli Solar

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (NYSE: YGE), who holds the brand Yingli Solar, is a leading solar energy company and one of the world’s largest vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturers. The polycrystalline solar cells have an average efficiency rate of over 16%.
PV Plants
Photovoltaics – SunEdison

SunEdison Solar Electricity develop, finance, operate and monitor solar plants across the globe.
PV Suntracking
Photovoltaics plant - SunPower CorpPhotovoltaics plant – SunPower Corp

SunPower® Trackers are the industry’s most advanced solar collectors. They’re engineered to follow the sun throughout the day, allowing for an increased capacity factor of up to 30% compared to fixed-tilt systems.
PV Thin Film AmSi
Photovoltaics - Sharp SolarPhotovoltaics – Sharp Solar

For 30 years, Sharp scientists have researched, invented and improved solar cells made of very thin layers of semiconductors. In 2005, our first manufacturing line for fully-tested and market-ready thin film was up and running. These modules are made with less than 1% of the silicon used in the crystalline lines and are manufactured using automated equipment in fewer steps. This means a step-function change in cost per watt and a lower effective cost per kilowatt hours for large-scale applications. With thin film, we address the emerging market for utility-scale solar power, especially for very large scale ground-based installations in hot climates where abundant open space is available. For every kW of rated power, thin film delivers more kilowatt hours-up to 10%-than its crystalline-silicon cousin, due to substantially greater resistance to losses caused by typical mid-day operating temperature.
PV Thin Film AmSi
Thin Film AmSi PV - Oerlicon SolarThin Film AmSi PV – Oerlicon Solar

Oerlikon Solar offers field proven equipment and end-to-end manufacturing lines for the mass production of thin film silicon solar modules. Engineered to reduce manufacturing costs while maximizing productivity, Oerlikon Solar end-to-end solutions are fully automated with high yield, high uptime, and low maintenance.
For the photosensitive layer, Oerlikon Solar offers two production technologies, including:
- Amorphous Solar Modules – This very cost effective solar cell is made by depositing amorphous silicon (a-Si) on the TCO layer.
- Micromorph® Solar Modules – In addition to the a-Si layer, the Micromorph® cell has a tandem structure with an additional microcrystalline absorber. This layer converts the energy of the red and near infrared spectrum, allowing an efficiency increase of approximately 30%. Oerlikon Solar’s production solution permits a modular upgrade from the single a-Si cell to the Micromorph® tandem cell.
PV Thin Film CaTe
Thin Film PV - First SolarThin Film PV – First Solar

With less than 2% of the equivalent semiconductor content found in crystalline silicon PV modules, First Solar modules are engineered to deliver high energy yields. Using cadmium telluride (CdTe) as the semiconductor material, First Solar makes it affordable to convert solar energy into the type of electricity we use everyday.
PV Thin Film CdTe
Thin Film PV – Abound Solar

Abound Solar produces next-generation, CdTe thin–film photovoltaic modules intended to deliver the lowest levelized cost of electricity.
PV Thin Film CIGS
Thin Film CIGS PV - SolibroThin Film CIGS PV – Solibro

Q.SMART solar modules (formerly Q-Cells SL) offer the world’s best efficiencies of up to 13 % for thin-film modules in mass production – making it currently unbeaten by any other thin-film module on the market. The high yields of all Q.SMART modules are a result of the outstanding behavior in low and oblique light, the favorable temperature coefficients and advantageous cell geometry in the case of partial shading. Q.SMART solar modules provide excellent output even on flat roofs or in locations that are unfavorably aligned. Positive sorting of the power classes in +5 Wp increments further optimizes the output.
PV Thin Film CIGS
Thin Film CIGS PV - MiasoleThin Film CIGS PV – Miasole

MiaSole manufactures high yield, high capital productivity, highly efficient thin film solar modules. MiaSole’s distinctive manufacturing process is proven to lower costs while providing predictable reliability. MiaSole’s copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) photovoltaic solar panels are one of the lowest-cost, highest efficiency, thin-film solar panels in the world. Made up of a compound semiconductor material composed of copper, indium, gallium, and selenium, the material is a solid solution that is broken down and applied to thin-film solar cells, which then work to convert sunlight into usable energy.
PV Thin Film CIS
Thin Film CIS PV - Solar FrontierThin Film CIS PV – Solar Frontier

Solar Frontier’s mission is to create the most economical, ecological solar energy solutions on earth–on the world’s largest scale. Our proprietary CIS technology (for key ingredients Copper, Indium, and Selenium) combines compelling economics and energy conversion efficiency today–and greater potential for tomorrow–with superior reliability, stability, sustainability, non-toxicity, design, and lower overall energy consumption in the manufacturing process to yield a faster energy payback time. Our newest plant in Miyazaki, Japan, scheduled to commence operations in 2011, will become the world’s largest CIS production facility, at 900MW per year, and bring us to gigawatt class production levels, enabling us to meet worldwide demand for a new standard in affordable solar panel performance.
Solar Updraft Tower
Solar Updraft Tower - EnviromissionSolar Updraft Tower – Enviromission
Solar Updraft Tower
Solar Updraft Tower - GreenTowerGTSolar Updraft Tower – GreenTowerGT
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